Tips from the team

Yana about her favourite spots in Rotterdam

Yana has been working at the Savoy Hotel Rotterdam for quite some time now and loves to cycle or walk around Rotterdam to discover new places. She is happy to tell you about her favourite must-visit spots!


There are many nice restaurants in Rotterdam, but one of Yana's favourites is restaurant Rozey. Yana: 'Rozey is a really nice restaurant. All the food is vegetarian or vegan. It's an all-inclusive restaurant where you can order two dishes each round. I went here once with old colleagues and we all really liked it. I love meat, but I certainly didn't miss it here. At Rozey's, there is a unique atmosphere and the service is super nice. We liked it so much that we sat there for almost four hours, we kept on ordering food because it was so cosy and delicious. If you like vegetarian food or want to try something different, I would really recommend Rozey.'

Maasboulevard en Noordereiland

Of course, everyone knows the beautiful pictures of the skyline of Rotterdam, with the Erasmus Bridge as its pride and joy. It is therefore inevitable that this view will also be on Yana's list of favourites. Yana: 'I always enjoy walking or cycling through the city. The best places to walk are the Maasboulevard and the Noordereiland. And why do I like that so much? You walk along the water and the views are really great. Especially when you walk over the Willemsbrug and look out towards the Erasmus Bridge. That view is just iconic and feels so worldly!' 

Restaurant Apartt

According to Yana, Apartt is the best place to sit on a terrace and enjoy a drink: 'Restaurant Apartt has a great location at the Old Harbour. Especially in the summer I really enjoy having a drink here with that beautiful view of all the boats in the harbour. It is very close to the hotel, so it is also perfect for me to go there after work. I really like the cocktails, the mojito for example or just a nice Baileys liqueur. With a view like that, you can sit there all day!'

City_Ambassador_-_Savoy_hotel_Rotterdam_02.width-1986 (1).png

Rotterdam Art Ride

There are plenty of museums to be found in Rotterdam, but there is also plenty of art outdoors. 'I really like street art. You have the Rotterdam street art route of course, which is great fun to walk/cycle by the way, but you also have the lesser known Rotterdam Art Ride (ROAR). If you cycle over the Erasmus Bridge you will come across them, 18 pillars between the Rijnhaven and Maashaven stations that are completely painted. I think it's particularly cool that the paintings were made by people from all over the world. They came to the Netherlands especially for this project. It's not a trip that you can go on all day, but I would definitely recommend going here and combining it with the street art route in the city centre.'


Rotterdam is also a great place to take your kids to. Yana is an expert and knows the perfect outing with children: 'Plaswijckpark is really the ideal attraction to go to with children. It is fun for every age. In Plaswijckpark there is a walking park, a kind of mini zoo with meerkats and alpacas, a large playground and several catering establishments. Ideal if you come to Rotterdam with children of different ages. My own daughter is still a bit too young, but I can't wait to go there with her!'