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The Pannekoekstraat is hip and happening. Breakfast, lunch, drinks or dinner can be well varied with a visit to all kinds of nice boutiques.

The Pannekoekstraat is full of beautiful boutiques, chic shop windows and cool pop-up stores. And, the Pannekoekstraat is not that long. So, did you enjoy your lunch? No problem, just visit the place next door to enjoy your afternoon drinks and snacks. 

Pannekoekstraat Rotterdam
13 MIN

Witte de Withstraat

If you truly wish to feel the vibes of the city of Rotterdam, visit the Witte de Withstraat. This atmospheric street is known for the many terraces, art galleries, cafes, restaurants and unique shops. A lovely street to stroll through!

The multicultural mix of people,  cafe's , art galleries and striking shops make this a real hotspot for food lovers. Take a seat on the cozy terrace of Café de Witte Aap or walk in for a nice cold beer.

There is plenty of variety in the Witte de Withstraat. Eat a delicious organic bagel at the Bagel Bakery or enjoy delicious North African and Middle Eastern cuisine at Restaurant Bazar. At Ter Marsch & Co you can eat the best burgers in Rotterdam (and since 2015, the best burgers in the Netherlands!) And for really good coffee you can go to the hip coffee bar Hopper Coffee. In the cozy NRCafé you can enjoy a nice breakfast, cup of coffee, high tea, drinks or dinner.

Witte de Withstraat 1 .jpg
15 MIN

West Kruiskade

The West-Kruiskade, a hotspot for food lovers from inside and outside the city. There are many toko's and the great variety of Asian, Arab and Caribbean eateries. 

Don't want to spend a lot of money?  Nowhere else do you eat as tasty and varied as at West-Kruiskade, for less than € 10,- . And for just a little bit of extra money,  you can get every ingredient you need for a chicken curry sandwich, but also for Thai, Javanese or Creole do-it-yourself dishes.

West Kruiskade.jpg

Restaurant MOOII

Restaurant MOOII is situated at the charming Gelderseplein in the historic ‘Oude Haven’ of Rotterdam, just 10 minutes walking from the Savoy Hotel. The favourite spot of good-food-without-frills lovers, in an easy-going Rotterdam setting.

The kitchen of chef Gerard van Gelderen proves that gastronomic dishes don’t have to be complicated. The base of the kitchen is French with influences from all over the world. The kitchen team works with as much sustainable and biological products of the season as possible.

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Oude haven

The atmospheric Oude Haven is one of the most popular areas to enjoy food and drinks in Rotterdam with an abundance of restaurants, bars and terraces that offer a beautiful view of the Oude Haven. In the evening, the historic Old Harbor really comes to life when the terraces are open till late in the evening on summer days.

The Old Harbour is primarily an attractive spot to enjoy you day and walk. For example, walk towards the Haringvliet where we still find old Rotterdam merchant houses or take a walk to the mighty Maas. In the Old Port area, we find an unmissable historical attraction: the White House, the first skyscraper in Europe! In the vicinity of the Oude Haven are also the tourist attractions the Cube Houses and the Markthal.

Oude Haven 1.jpg

Markthal Rotterdam

Mmmm.... Also, in the mood to try out delicious new things? Savoy Hotel Rotterdam knows the right place. The Markthal, a huge artistic building of 39 meters high, is only 5 minutes walking from our hotel. What you can find here? Food! With as many as 100 food stands from different countries, you’ll have some food-sploring to do! The building is also equipped with apartments, a large fresh market, a supermarket and an underground parking space. All under one roof, nowhere else in the world has it been done. Are you going to visit the world famous Markthal?

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Yellow sloping houses? Do people actually live here? Oh yes they do! The Cube houses in Rotterdam are still a striking and colorful tourist attraction. The cube shapes were designed by Provo architect Piet Blom. The so-called "Blaakse Bos" consists of 38 cubes with different rooms and every cube has three floors: the "street house" with kitchen and living room, the "heaven house" with bedrooms and the "tabernacle". And it gets even better! You can look inside the unique cube houses as well.

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Kubus Woningen 1.jpg
11 MIN

Chabot Museum

The Chabot Museum is an intimate museum with a varied international exhibition program. The Chabot Museum manages one of the most important collections of painter and sculptor Henk Chabot (1894-1949), a Dutch expressionist. As a painter of farmers and gardeners, of the Dutch landscape and in the war years of refugees and people in hiding, Chabot has its own place in Dutch modern art.

The museum is located in the monumental white villa from 1938, which, like Sonneveld House, the Van Nelle Factory and Feijenoord Stadium, is one of the highlights of the New Building era.

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10 MIN

Museum Boijmans van Beuningen

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is one of the best and oldest museums in the Netherlands with an astonishing collection of Dutch and European masterpieces. 

Currently the museum is closed for renovation. Check their website for alternative exhibitions and partnerships.

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Boijmans museum Rotterdam
10 MIN

Sonneveld House

In Sonneveld House, visitors experience what it was like to live in an ultra-modern house in 1933. With the free audio tour you can freely walk through the house and hear how the Sonneveld family lived in their time. For children there is the audio tour, "Staying with Leonard", where the grandson of the family whispers to them all the secrets of the house.

Huis Sonneveld is one of the best-preserved residential houses in the style of Het Nieuwe Bouwen, which roughly translates to: Modern Build . The detached villa from 1933 was designed by architects Brinkman and Van der Vlugt on behalf of Albertus Sonneveld, one of the directors of the Van Nelle factory. The architects designed a total concept in which architecture, interior and furnishings are meticulously coordinated and reinforce each other.

The house is light and spacious, with many balconies and large windows overlooking the greenery of the surrounding garden. Almost all furniture and lamps in the house come from the company Gispen, sometimes made especially for the Sonnevelds. It is precisely this customization that betrays the family's desire for luxury and comfort. As a result, Sonneveld House is not a dogmatic example of functionalism, but a personal living environment.

Photo: Huis Sonneveld - Fotocredit: Johannes Schwartz

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12 MIN


The Kunsthal is one of the cultural treasures of Rotterdam. Not only because of the architecture of the building, but also the ever-changing exhibitions are inspiring. The building was designed by the renowned architect Rem Koolhaas and knows how to surprise visitors with unexpected design elements.

The Kunsthal is an icon of contemporary architecture. The building is distinguished by unexpected materials and innovative design choices. The inspiring design is the perfect place to showcase the creative achievements of Dutch and international artists.

The Kunsthal is located at the Museum Park, a small green city park that connects the main museums of Rotterdam. In the park, you can escape the busy city and enjoy a peaceful walk to the Kunsthal, the Natural History Museum Rotterdam, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, the Chabot Museum and the New Institute (formerly the Netherlands Architecture Institute). The Wereldmuseum is a short distance from the Museum Park, where you can immerse yourself in the commercial history of Rotterdam.

Foto: Kunsthal Rotterdam – Fotocredit: Bas Czerwinski

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Kunsthal Rotterdam
15 MIN

Dutch Pinball museum

A museum where you can also actively participate? In addition to the many thing to see in the Dutch Pinball Museum, you can also playfully recall your childhood memories or create new ones. With more than 75 operating pinball machines from the year 1900 to the present day, every generation comes across something from their own childhood.

The Dutch Pinball Museum is open to the public every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. It is a coming and going of pinball machines, since they breakdown sometimes and need maintenance. That is why it is always a surprise which pinball machines will be there. 

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Miniworld Rotterdam

The perfect getaway for all ages! Over a hundred buildings of our beautiful and breathtaking city in a miniature world. Who doesn't want to see this? Atmospheric and expansive polder landscapes are interspersed with the modern and historic architecture of our "Rotterdam in miniature", including the largest covered miniature port in Europe. Look closely and discover the many remarkable details and stories of this unique world. Easily accessible from the hotel, because Miniworld Rotterdam is located next to Rotterdam Central Station!

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12 MIN


After a bike ride of 12 minutes you reach the wonderful icon of Rotterdam: the Erasmus Bridge. The Erasmus Bridge is the second bridge over the ‘Nieuwe Maas’ (the first one is the Willems Bridge) from the center and the Port of Rotterdam. The suspension bridge over the Maas has a 139-meter-high steel pylon, which is mounted with 40 taps. The shape of the pylon gave the bridge the nickname ‘De Zwaan’. Want to go on a romantic walk? The Erasmus bridge is your go-to place.

Erasmusbrug 1.jpg



010 Gym

The 010 Gym is just a 5-minute walk from the Savoy Hotel Rotterdam and is located on the Goudsesingel. 

Everyone is welcome, from young to old and from male to female. 

For only 15 euros you have acces to fitness 5 times a week, without subscription & time limit!


Monday to Thursday     7:00 am - 11:00 pm

Friday                                7:00 am - 10:00 pm

Saturday                           9:00 am - 8:00 pm

Sunday                              9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Train Station

15 MIN

Rotterdam Central Station

Rotterdam Central Station is also known as the international gateway to Rotterdam. About 110,000 travelers pass through Central Station every day to use the bus, tram, metro or train. Intercity trains from all over the Netherlands (including Intercity Direct), the Thalys and other international high-speed trains stop here several times a day or even every hour.

The Central Station has had a total metamorphosis in recent years and the station building is now one of the architectural icons of Rotterdam. The roof above the tracks is partly covered with solar panels and flows smoothly into the hood above the station hall. The point of this points to the center of the city.

In the wide hall to the platforms you will find about 25 shops, including Dudok, Starbucks, Rituals and Sissy Boy.

The Savoy Hotel Rotterdam is only a 15-minute walk from Rotterdam CS. But you can also take a train or trams 21 or 24 to Rotterdam Blaak station, then the hotel is only a 3-minute walk away.

Rotterdam CS


12 MIN


Want to admire the beautiful and busy city of Rotterdam and even more cities from above? Then the 185 meter high Euromast is the place to be. The Euromast has been the highest observation tower in the Netherlands since 1960 by Rotterdam architect H.A. Maaskant and an essential part of the city’s skyline. There is also a brasserie in the building where you can have a nice lunch or a drink.

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15 MIN

Diergaarde Blijdorp

Lions, bears, birds, butterflies, giraffes: it goes on and on... In Blijdorp Zoo, one of the most beautiful zoos of the Netherlands, you can find an enormous amount of animals. From the hotel it is easy to get there by bike, metro or car. Worth a visit, whether you’re planning to go with the entire family or going for a visit yourself. Blijdorp Zoo is a must-visit attraction!

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15 MIN


This first car-free shopping area of Europe is one of the beating hearts of the city for those who love to: shop, shop, shop! It is incredibly busy seven days a week.  

Collection Stadsarchief Rotterdam, nummer 104

Lijnbaan Teunisse, M. .jpg
10 MIN


In recent years, the Meent, located in the Laurenskwartier, has become the most glamorous street in Rotterdam. With fashion and shoe stores in the upper segment, such as Scotch & Soda, Supertrash and American Vintage. Those who are tired of shopping can relax in one of the many restaurants and lunchrooms, which color the streets of the Meent.


Boat Tour


Water taxi Rotterdam

Rotterdam is at is most beautiful from the water. See the city and the historic and modern harbours with a spectacular water taxi trip on the River Maas.

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Spido Rondvaart

In the middle of the busy traffic of inland and sea-going vessels you will experience a special tour through one of the largest seaports in the world. You see the impressive skyline with imposing buildings glide past you, followed by a unique view of yards, docks and the ultramodern handling of thousands of containers. Finally, you will also sail past the steamship Rotterdam, the former flagship of the Holland America Line. All aboard!

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