The Markthal (Market Hall), just 5 minutes walking from our hotel, has no less than 100 fresh food stands, about 15 food shops and several restaurants. So you can easily entertain yourself here for hours. Fun fact: in addition to the aforementioned, the huge artistic building also houses apartments and an underground parking lot. You won't find this anywhere else in the world!


Little V

Crazy about Asian cuisine? Chances are that Little V will become your favourite new spot in Rotterdam. The Vietnamese restaurant has an extensive menu, an interior that puts a smile on your face (with a large and sunny terrace for summer days) and has good prices. If you ask us, the 'V' not only stands for Vietnam, but also for must-Visit!


Brasserie Pierre

French hotspot Brasserie Pierre is that kinda place where you could be all day, from in the morning with a good cup of coffee to late at night for a drink. In the atmospheric eatery, you'll find a fine mix of locals, fitting music and tasty French classics on the menu. In short: Brasserie Pierre is a brasserie as the Parisians had imagined it.

10 MIN

Museum Boijmans van Beuningen (depot)

Although the doors of Boijmans Van Beuningen will remain closed until at least 2026, art lovers will not have to do without the museum in the meantime. In November 2021, the museum opened Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen; the first publicly accessible art depot in the world. The depot is located next to the museum and with more than 151,000 works, it shows the result of 172 years of collecting.

Tips from the Savoy team

Yana about her favourite spots in Rotterdam


Chabot Museum

The Chabot Museum, situated in a white villa from the 1930s, has a large collection of works by the Dutch painter and sculptor Henk Chabot (1894-1949) and shows collections of other (inter)national expressionists. In the light and open spaces of this intimate museum, you can admire changing exhibitions throughout the year.



The Kunsthal Rotterdam is one of the city's cultural treasures. Not only because of the unique and constantly changing exhibitions, but also because of the building’s iconic architecture, designed by the renowned architect Rem Koolhaas. The Rotterdam Kunsthal is located at the Museumpark, where you can also find the Natural History Museum, Boijmans van Beuningen, Chabot Museum and the New Institute.

12 MIN


The Erasmus bridge is iconic to Rotterdam and truly a must-visit for every visitor. The bridge was opened in 1996 and connects the popular neighbourhood ‘Kop van Zuid’ with the city centre. The bridge also goes by the name ‘The Swan’ due to its form which could represent a swan. Make sure to admire the bridge’s architecture as well as the buzzing neighbourhood. Want to go on a romantic walk? The Erasmus bridge is your go-to place.


Street Art Route

For years it was seen as vandalism, but nowadays it’s one of the most popular and appreciated art forms: street art. Unlike graffiti, street art is most often created as a mean to convoy a message, and stands for freedom and creativity. You will also find fascinating and inspiring street art throughout  Rotterdam, which can be easily discovered with one of the many mapped out routes. 


Oude Haven

The Old Harbour (Oude Haven) is one of the oldest ports in Rotterdam and is located in the city centre. Because of the beautiful and historical ships located in the port and plenty of nice cafes and restaurants in the area it’s a super popular place. Close to the Oude Haven you will find the well-known Cubic Houses, designed by architect Piet Blom. A true architectural phenomenon!

13 MIN

Kralingse Bos

Kralingen forest is the largest city forest in Rotterdam, spreading out over 250 hectares. Plenty of space to getaway from the buzzing city life and to relax! Fancy a swim in the pond? Or would you rather stay dry and go rowing or sailing? It’s all possible! There also is an off-leash area for dogs and plenty of fields for a picnic or barbecue. 



The Pannekoekstraat (Pancakestreet) in Rotterdam is super popular amongst the locals. The street has its own unique vibe (trendy and urban) with small scale boutiques and trendy cafes, without the presence of the large scale chains. A visit to this street (just around the corner from our hotel) is the perfect change of scenery during your ‘standard’ day of shopping in the city. 

13 MIN

Witte de Withstraat

The Witte de With Quarter is the beating heart of Rotterdam’s culture scene. The street is known for its buzzing night life and with its many cafes, restaurants, art galleries, shops, and monuments, one of the most well-known going out streets in the city. The Witte de Withstreet connects the Museum Park and the Maritiem Museum, which makes that it also goes by the name ‘kunstas’ of Rotterdam. 


Rotterdam Rooftop Walk

The rooftop days enable you to admire Rotterdam from the upper most parts of the city. This year, from May 26th until June 24th, you can experience how roofs could be used to contribute to a better future for the city. During this month you are able to tag along a route, the Rooftop Walk, across the rooftops of the city whilst being able to enjoy breathtaking views. There is also one central rooftop where music, drinks, fun, and food are the key elements!

12 MIN

World Port Days

The World Port Days (Wereldhavendagen) is a yearly maritime event in the Port of Rotterdam and in the city of Rotterdam. During the event, the Port of Rotterdam is presented to the public through various activities throughout the city, and you will be presented opportunities to discover and experience the Port of Rotterdam. This year, the event will be held during the first weekend of September.  

12 MIN


The 185 meter height makes the Euromast the highest lookout point in the Netherlands and a true icon to the city’s skyline. An elevator will bring you up the lookout point, from where you can admire a panoramic view over the city of Rotterdam. Would you also like to enjoy some food and drink whilst taking in the views? That is possible in the two restaurants located in the tower. 

15 MIN

Diergaarde Blijdorp

Lions, bears, birds, butterflies, giraffes: it goes on and on... In Blijdorp Zoo, one of the most beautiful zoos of the Netherlands, you can find an enormous amount of animals. From the hotel it is easy to get there by bike, metro or car. Worth a visit, whether you’re planning to go with the entire family or going for a visit yourself. Blijdorp Zoo is a must-visit attraction!


Miniworld Rotterdam

The perfect getaway for all ages! Over a hundred buildings of our beautiful and breathtaking city in a miniature world. Who doesn't want to see this? Atmospheric and expansive polder landscapes are interspersed with the modern and historic architecture of our "Rotterdam in miniature", including the largest covered miniature port in Europe. Look closely and discover the many remarkable details and stories of this unique world. Easily accessible from the hotel, because Miniworld Rotterdam is located next to Rotterdam Central Station!

maritiem museum Rotterdam
13 MIN

Maritiem Museum Rotterdam

At the Maritime Museum Rotterdam you will discover the enormous influence the maritime world has on our daily lives. Join us on a journey through our maritime past and present in contemporary exhibitions for young and old adventurers. Listen to the stories of sturdy sailors, brave explorers, diligent dockworkers, chic cruise travelers, maritime technicians or determined captains. 

mooie boules rotterdam

Mooie Boules Rotterdam

Mooie Boules is besides an indoor food hall also where you can play jeu de boules. Highly recommended if you want to do something fun and unique with your friends. You can find the Mooie Boules in a characteristic metal factory in the upcoming ZOHO. The factory has been completely transformed into a French village square. Local restaurants serve signature dishes and the bar pours a wide range of wine, specialty and local beer. Truly an ideal place for an (after) afternoon or evening of socializing with friends!