Rotterdam Rooftop Walk

The rooftop days enable you to admire Rotterdam from the upper most parts of the city. This year, from May 26th until June 24th, you can experience how roofs could be used to contribute to a better future for the city. During this month you are able to tag along a route, the Rooftop Walk, across the rooftops of the city whilst being able to enjoy breathtaking views. There is also one central rooftop where music, drinks, fun, and food are the key elements!

12 MIN

World Port Days

The World Port Days (Wereldhavendagen) is a yearly maritime event in the Port of Rotterdam and in the city of Rotterdam. During the event, the Port of Rotterdam is presented to the public through various activities throughout the city, and you will be presented opportunities to discover and experience the Port of Rotterdam. This year, the event will be held during the first weekend of September.